Optromix Trinius 540/580

Optromix Trinius 540

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system for underground power cables monitoring

Trinius 540/580 systems measure temperature in real time mode along the sensing element with a resolution of 3/6,5 ft (1/2 m). The maximal sensing length is up to 5/10 miles (8/16 km). Sensing element is resistable to electromagnetic interference, chemical effects and the impact of corroding media. Measuring cable does not generate sparks, flame or heat along entire length. Trinius 540/580 system does not require any extra power supply along the entire length.


Trinius 540/580 solutions can be used to measure temperature variations along underground high and medium voltage power lines.

Technical specifications

Specification Trinius 540 Trinius 580
Temperature measurement range -200 to +300°С (-330 to 570 F)
Resolution 2m (6.5ft) 4m (13ft)
Measurement precision 1.5°С (2.5 F) 1.0°С (1.6 F)
Line measuring time, sec. from 10
Distance accuracy 1m (3.3ft) 2m (6.5ft)
Sensing element length/cable Up to 4km (2.5mi) Up to 16km (10mi)
Wavelength of radiation, nm/fibre type 1550/MMF, 50/125
Usage conditions -10 to +55°С (+15 to +130 F)
Number of active channels 1 to 8
Device dimensions 500x445x135mm (19.7x17.5x5.3in)
Weight 12kg (26lbs)