FBG Accelerometer

Measurement range, g ±10
Resolution, g/√Hz 12.5
Accuracy, g ± 0,1 g; 40 Hz
Operating temperature, °C -20 ... +80
Wavelength range, nm 1,500 - 1,600
Materials Aluminum
Connectors FC/APC
Reflectivity, % >65
Dimensions, mm 220 x 140 x 43
Weight, kg 3.3
Protection class IP68

Sensor can be used in a wide range of monitoring applications including the vibration measurement of building structures, turbines, laboratory tests.


Accelerometers are used for machinery health monitoring to report the vibration and its changes in time of shafts at the bearings of rotating equipment such as turbines, pumps, fans, rollers, compressors, or bearing fault which, if not attended to promptly, can lead to costly repairs. Accelerometer vibration data allows the user to monitor machines and detect these faults before the rotating equipment fails completely.

Vibration monitoring programs are utilized in industries such as automotive manufacturing,machine tool applications, pharmaceutical production, power generation and power plants, pulp and paper, sugar mills, food and beverage production, water and wastewater, hydropower, petrochemical and steel manufacturing.

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