Optromix Trinius 560

Optromix Trinius 540

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system for power plants facilities monitoring

Trinius 560 measures temperature of underground power lines and power plant facilities with 1.6°F (1.0°С) and 3.3 feet (1m) resolution along up to 2.5 miles (4km) long fiber optic cable in a real-time mode. This fiber optic cable is not subject to electromagnetic interference, chemical effects and the impact of corrosion. It does not require any extra power supply along the entire length.


Trinius 560 solution can be used for high precision temperature monitoring of

  • power plant facilities
  • underground power lines

Technical specifications

Temperature measurement range -330 to +570°F -200 to +300°С
Spatial accuracy 3.3 ft 1 m
Temperature accuracy 2.5°F 1.5°С
Line measuring time, sec. from 10
Spatial resolution 1.6 ft 0.5 m
Sensing element length/cable Up to 2.5mi Up to 4km
Wavelength, nm/fibre type 1550/MMF, 50/125
Usage conditions +15 to +130°F -10 to +55°С
Number of active channels 1 to 4
Device dimensions 19.7x17.5x10.6 in 500x445x270 mm
Weight 44.1lbs 20kg
Power consumption, W 250
Usage conditions, humidity % 0 to 90 (non-condensing)