FBG Pressure Sensors

P1 Pressure Sensor

Measurement range, MPa 0…10
Resolution, % 0.6
Accuracy, % 0.2
Operating temperature, °C -50 ... +80
Wavelength range, nm 1500 - 1600
Materials Stainless steel
Connectors FC/APC
Dimensions, mm 227 x 30 x 21
Weight, g 700
Protection class IP68

Sensor is used to measure the relative pressure or level of liquids and gases in a variety of vessels and pipelines.

It can be used in piezometers, for indirect control of flow and liquid level in tanks and pipes.


P2 Pressure Sensor

Measurement Pressure and temperature
Working pressure range (FS), bar Up to 1000
Overload pressure 150 %FS
Working temperature range, °C -20...+200
Pressure accuracy < 0.1 %FS
Pressure resolution 0.01 %FS
Temperature accuracy, °C 0.1
Pressure measurement drift:
at 140 0F / 60 °C No drift
at 260 0F / 125 °C 0.1 %FS/year
at 400 0F / 200 °C 0.4 %FS/year
Weight, kg 4
Dimensions, mm ø 19 х 1156

The sensor is used to measure the pressure of liquids and gases in oil & gas and geothermal wells. It is resistant to wellbore harsh environment.


Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) pressure sensors perform spectral analysis of the reflected wavelength to measure different parameters. The basic principle is that different factors applied on the fiber optic pressure sensor affect the Bragg wavelengths; modified physical or geometrical properties of the FBG are indirectly measured in that case. FBG pressure sensor measures the relative pressure and level of liquids and gases in different containers and pipelines. It can be used, as well, for indirect control of the flow and the level of liquid in tanks and pipes.

The biggest issue for FBG pressure sensors is to differentiate between strain and temperature changes, and to precisely measure pressure. When the temperature changes a lot, it becomes challenging to make correct pressure measurements. There are two ways to approach this problem, one of them is to make a sophisticated athermal coating and another one is to implement a temperature compensation strategy.

FBG pressure sensors have the highest accuracy and stability. They are small and portable, immune to electromagnetic interference and they can measure high speed events. FBG pressure sensor measurement is an essential technology in many industrial applications such as liquid level monitoring in oil storage tank, down-hole pressure measurement, gas turbine engine and other fields.

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