FBG Tiltmeter

Measurement range, deg 10 (±5)
Resolution, deg 0.002
Accuracy, deg 0.05
Operating temperature, °C -20 ... +80
Wavelength range, nm 1500 - 1600
Materials Stainless steel
Connectors FC/APC
Reflectivity, % >65
Dimensions, mm 220 x 140 x 43
Weight, kg 3.3
Protection class -

Tiltmeter can be used for monitoring of the constructions inclination (tower buildings, mine shafts). The sensor is equipped with thermal compensation sensors and self-calibration system.


A tiltmeter is a sensitive inclinometer designed to measure very small changes from the vertical level, either on the ground or in structures. Tiltmeters are used extensively for volcanoes monitoring, the response of dams to filling, the small movements of potential landslides, the orientation and volume of hydraulic fractures, and the response of structures to various influences such as loading and foundation settlement. Tiltmeters may be purely mechanical or incorporate vibrating-wire or electrolytic sensors for electronic measurement. A sensitive instrument can detect changes of as little as one arc second.

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