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Fast fiber Bragg grating sensors

on October 4, 2017

Numerous advantages of fiber Bragg grating sensors, like compact size, passive nature, immunity to electromagnetic interference, capability to directly measuring physical parameters such as temperature and strain, have inspired researchers to develop FBG sensor systems for applications outside laboratories. FBG sensors are now used in mainstream sensing technology applications. One of the recent developments in fiber Bragg grating technology are FBG sensors based on femtosecond lasers. These sensors are promising for use in extreme environments, such as high temperatures, high pressures, and ionizing radiation. Multiple industries might benefit from fast FBG sensors, like energy production applications.

Fiber Bragg grating temperature sensors that are inscribed with femtosecond lasers are stable up to the fiber glass transition temperature.

FBG sensors that are thermally stable can be used in a variety of applications. For example, stable FBG temperature sensors are optimal for sensing in extreme conditions that are often present within power plants, combustion systems, turbines, and in the aerospace sector. Regular FBG sensors do not perform optimally under extreme temperatures as they are hampered by optical losses that are a result of ingress of high-temperature hydrogen gas. However, FBG sensing arrays are difficult to produce in pure silica core fiber. The use of pure silica prevents the detrimental effects that hydrogen gas has on the fiber.

Fast FBG-based sensors have already been tested at a power generation plant. Many energy production processes require accurate temperature measurements that are difficult to realize with standard sensor technology, like electronic thermocouples. The advantages of FBG temperature sensors deployment are ease of installation, high density of sensing points, more rapid response to thermal changes, etc. Overall, fast FBG temperature sensors are an optimal solution for extreme environments, including high temperatures and high pressures. They are easy to install, maintain, are cost-effective, and accurate.

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