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FBG sensors in Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Application

on August 12, 2019

crutches-538883_640Nowadays the technology of fiber Bragg gratings is considered to be quite attractive for sensing applications in biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering fields thanks to the proposed FBG benefits such as compact size, lightweight, biocompatibility, chemical inertness, multiplexing capability and immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Additionally, FBG technology overcomes other traditional technologies for the measurement of a range of physical parameters or for the performance of high-sensitivity biochemical analysis because fiber Bragg gratings offer a high-performance alternative to conventional sensing devices.

It should be noted that the sensing application of FBG sensors includes such areas as aeronautics,  automotive, civil engineering structure monitoring and undersea oil exploration. Nevertheless, the use of FBG sensors in biomechanics and rehabilitation is quite novel and it still requires its practicality for full-scale implementation.

Potential application of FBG technology may include the following fields: strain detection in bones, “pressure  mapping in orthopedic joints, stresses in intervertebral discs, chest  wall deformation, pressure distribution in Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs),  forces induced by tendons and ligaments, angles between body segments during  gait, and many others in dental biomechanics”. 

FBG sensors demonstrate great potential for biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering thanks to their benefits, thus, making FBG technology suitable for a human body. To be more precise, fiber sensors are able to adapt to the body, so it is possible to employ them for in vivo measurement and to left for long-term monitoring.

Moreover, fiber Bragg gratings can change traditional sensing technologies such as electrical strain gauge  (ESG), piezoelectric, resistive or another solid-state sensing, both for measuring physical characteristics or for carrying out high-sensitivity biochemical analysis. The development of FBG continues, and it is possible that very soon new FBG sensors with improved characteristics appear.

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editorFBG sensors in Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Application

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