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Fiber Bragg grating sensors for bolt force status monitoring

on February 6, 2018

Over the past decades, bolts support have become a widely used method of roadway roof failure control due to the easy construction and its efficient reinforcement. Moreover, bolts support improve surrounding rock structure stability. Underground coal mining has been extending to deeper levels where high-stress conditions are present; high stress causes roof subsidence and floor heaving in coal mine roadways. This can have a negative effect on the safety of the miners and the construction integrity. Therefore, real-time monitoring of bolts in coal mine roadways is vital for the long-term safety and stability of the surrounding rock structures.

The systems that are used currently for real-time status monitoring of the bolts support structures are easily affected by the harsh environments and high levels of stress. Fiber Bragg grating sensing technology provides a new and effective way of real-time measurements. FBG sensors have become one of the most promising optical fiber passive device applications. Fiber Bragg grating sensors have a variety of applications and are widely used for temperature sensing (FBG temperature sensors), pressure sensing (FBG pressure sensors), acceleration sensing (FBG accelerometers), deformation sensing (FBG displacement sensors), etc.

FBG sensors have multiple advantages over traditionally used measurement equipment: FBG sensors are immune to electromagnetic interference, have a strong multiplexing ability, high reliability and sensitivity. Fiber Bragg grating sensing technology is already used in a variety of applications, like geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, tunnel construction engineering.

The use of FBG sensors in engineering applications shows that fiber optic sensors can automatically acquire, and monitoring results are of great significance in roadway anchorage engineering safety and bolt support quality evaluation.

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editorFiber Bragg grating sensors for bolt force status monitoring

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