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Fiber Bragg gratings sensors for extreme environment sensing

on December 21, 2017

Over the past couple of decades, fiber Bragg gratings have been used effectively as sensors for a wide variety of applications. A rapid increase in the popularity of FBG sensors is explained by numerous advantages that they provide. FBG sensors are superior to other traditional means of environment measurement. FBG sensors are immune to electromagnetic interference and are resistant to harsh environments and corrosion. FBG sensors can be multiplexed; this ability was originally developed for optical network applications, however, it can be exploited in order to create sensor geometries that are quasi-distributed. This technology can be used for real-time measurements of temperature, strain, deformation, etc. Some popular and promising applications of fiber optic sensors include structural health monitoring of civil structures, for haptic sensing for robot appendages and ‘smart skins’ for ships or aerospace vehicles.

Distributed FBG sensors are utilized in the oil and gas sector by oil field servicing companies for temperature and pressure monitoring of oil well downholes and reservoirs. Harsh environments of  20 kpsi and 185◦C are common there; the use of FBG sensors provides an accurate measurement and collection of all the data parameters important for the field.

FBG sensors can also be utilized in environments where high temperatures are prevalent. Such environments are often found in within power plants, gas or aerospace turbines, combustion systems, etc. Most FBG temperature sensors are thermally stable at least up to 1000 ◦C in standard telecom fibers.

Another area of application for FBG temperature sensors is gas turbine monitoring. The FBG sensor arrays facilitate measurements of hot gas working temperatures within a turbine; this data is critical for safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective operation. Accurate measurements of the blades and vanes inside the turbines will allow preventing overheating of the turbine blades due to inhomogeneous combustions.

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editorFiber Bragg gratings sensors for extreme environment sensing

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