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Fiber Optic DAS helps to get rid of theft

on December 3, 2018

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) systems are based on the fiber optic technology, which allows the systems to be used with extreme operating conditions, for example, extremely high or low temperatures, physical space limitations, unique measurement requirements, etc. DAS system consists of distributed acoustic sensor that can be either mounted on the object or buried at a certain distance from it, Incab InGound Stainless Steel Tube and software that allows remote control and status monitoring.

The areas of DAS systems use include:

  • in-well monitoring for leakage detection and activity control;
  • perimeter security, for example, the security of a hotel;
  • vibroacoustic monitoring of oil wells that allows to find out the points of columns and packers leakage, determinate the fluid’s inflow and the hydraulic fracturing intervals.


Now Distributed Acoustic Sensing systems are the best way for the intrusion and disruption detection of overhead power lines to reduce theft cases and costs. Unfortunately, today power line theft and tampering remains a major problem all around the world. Also every year the industry loses billions of dollars only in electricity theft.

Theft and tampering within the energy supply sector is a serious problem because it creates energy supply breaks and operational losses for supply companies and national grids. Traditional methods of resolving the issue (whether due to power or metal theft) are extremely time consuming, inefficient and expensive. In the majority of cases, DAS is the only solution of the main obstacle that is detecting and identifying the occurrence of theft events.

Fiber optic DAS system is a cost-effective method to identify and reduce tampering levels. The fiber optic monitoring allows identifying tampering with overhead lighting and distribution poles that are connected via a fiber optic cable. Moreover, real-time identification of thefts and tampering with the help of fiber optic cables is already in place. DAS system detects any underlying disturbances because all the surrounding environmental noises are filtered out.

The advantages of fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing systems include:

  • Identification of the precise damage location;
  • Tampering information pass onto security systems for the immediate action;
  • Broadcast alert to the company via email or SMS.

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editorFiber Optic DAS helps to get rid of theft

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