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Fiber-optic sensors in biomedical applications

on April 4, 2018

The scientific experience of the last few decades was marked by major achievements in the field of fiber-optic sensors. Optical fiber sensors have certain advantages like immunity to electromagnetic interference and high sensitivity, small size and small weight, large bandwidth and ease of use and distribution. Over the years, fiber-optic sensors have fastly grown in quality and functionality and have found widespread use in many areas such as defence, automotive, manufacturing and among various other industries. A wide range of applications was defined for fiber sensors in general and in particular for medical and biomedical applications. Also these technologies have become more commercially available.

The medical and biomedical industry provides many challenging requirements, for which optical fiber sensors can provide original and reliable solutions. In the coming years, scientists and engineers in the medical and biomedical areas will use fiber-optic sensor turnkey systems for sensing and measuring of any type of physical quantity. Such fiber-optic turnkey systems are a combination of four basic components: a light source, an optical fiber, a sensor element and a light detector. In such systems the fiber-optical sensor acts as a light modulator to change a property of light (phase, polarization etc.).

Possible future applications of fiber-optic sensors in biomedical research include simultaneous collection and analysis of samples for drug safety evaluation for instance. Also optical fiber sensors help in identification of drug molecules and in the sensing of biomolecules, effluent monitoring and overall pharmaceutical quality control of the product. In that context, it’s important to note that light-carrying fibers are potentially useful as physical sensors of temperature, pressure and rapidation and  as chemical sensors of pH, partial pressure of blood and glucose.

Fiber-optic sensors in biomedical applications

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editorFiber-optic sensors in biomedical applications

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