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Fiber optics for Telecommunications

on July 6, 2018

The uses of optical fiber today are quite numerous. With the explosion of information traffic due to the Internet, electronic commerce, computer networks, multimedia, voice, data, and video, the need for a transmission medium with the bandwidth capabilities for handling such vast amounts of information is paramount. Fiber optic devices, with its comparatively infinite bandwidth, has proven to be the solution.

Fiber optics for TelecommunicationsFiber optic products are a major building block in the telecommunication infrastructure. High bandwidth capabilities and low attenuation characteristics of fiber optic devices make it ideal for gigabit transmission and beyond. The growth of the fiber optics industry over the past five years has been explosive. Analysts expect that this industry will continue to grow at a tremendous rate well, into the next decade and beyond.

The telecommunications industry is made up of many types of companies at different levels within the industry. These companies make products and/or provide a modern technology (VoIP, CATV, HDTV, security, and suchlike) to the end user (residential, business, and institutional).

Fiber optic systems have many advantages over metallic-based communication systems:

  • long-distance signal transmission
  • large bandwidth, low weight, and small diameter
  • nonconductivity (since optical fiber has no metallic components, it can be installed in areas with electromagnetic interference (EMI), including radio frequency interference (RFI)
  • security
  • designed for future applications needs

As the industry of fiber optic products continues to grow, frustrating bottlenecks in the “information superhighway” will lessen, which will in turn usher in the next generation of services, such as telemedicine, Internet telephony, distance education, e-commerce, and high-speed data and video.  

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editorFiber optics for Telecommunications

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