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Pipeline Monitoring with Fiber Optic Sensors

on July 20, 2018

Fiber optic products were invented to carry big amounts of voice data over long distances very efficiently. Improvements in fiber optic pipeline monitoring have led to the fact that now we know fiber optic cables as an actual sensor. This fbg sensor is equipped with the ability to measure parameters such as acoustic energy, temperature, strain, vibration, and suchlike. The capability of continuously gathering data about these parameters over several kilometers of fiber simultaneously is called distributed monitoring. Fiber pipeline leak detection and prevention, asset and perimeter security, and precise fluid flow measurements.

Pipeline Monitoring with Fiber Optic SensorsPipelines are very efficient and safe means of transportation. The number of leaks could be reduced since the early 70’s of the last century due to improved design and maintenance procedures as well as improved materials, but leaks still appear. Most of these are originated by external causes such as digging excavators or slope movements despite intensive pipeline right of way surveillance by foot, car and out of the air. These events are a clear sign for a monitoring gap. The technical evolution of fiber optic products allows closing large parts of this monitoring gap.

Pipelines are part of the backbone of modern communities’ lifestyle and are absolutely indispensable for transportation of water, gas, oil, and all kinds of products. Fiber optic devices are standard equipment for transmission of voice, video, and other data. Fiber optic systems are frequently installed along pipelines and often used to enable communication between and remote control of individual station of the system. The same standard optical fibers are suitable to measure several physical effects with high absolute and local accuracy.

Fiber optic products are almost ideal for many types of fiber optic pipeline monitoring applications and several of these applications have been implemented during recent years all over the industry. So here are some examples:

  • Leak detection
  • Ground movement detection and Structural health monitoring
  • Third party activities
  • Fire detection
  • Power cable and Transformer monitoring
  • Status monitoring of water mains
  • Pig position detection

In other words, many different applications have already been implemented in the industry and constantly ideas for new applications are being created.

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editorPipeline Monitoring with Fiber Optic Sensors

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