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Pressure measurement with fiber Bragg grating sensors

on May 22, 2018

Pressure is one of the most physical parameters in a process industry, but traditional pressure sensors, mostly based on electrical strain gauge, vibration wire, mechanics, and suchlike are unable to adapt to the harsh environment and online monitoring at a long distance. Due to fiber Bragg grating sensors have become an important researching direction. An increasing interest in global industries towards the application of optical fiber sensor has brought to the rapid development in the monitoring of temperature and strain. Fiber Bragg grating products have a number of advantages such as relatively small size and long lifespan. Also, fbgs are inexpensive to manufacture, multiplexing ability, self-referencing with a liman response, ease of installation, durability, lightweight, and immune to electromagnetic interference. Sensing processes in extremely harsh environments such as explosive gas exposure setting, high-temperature combustion chamber, and environment which contains high electromagnetic interference are feasible by using fiber Bragg grating sensors due to their passive nature. Naked fiber Bragg grating sensors are fragile, but an approach to encapsulate them could solve the problem by adding carbon fiber for reinforcement and solidified by epoxy resin with encapsulation technique. Such encapsulation technology protects the fiber from the severe environment in mounting processing without influencing the transmission of the strain applied to the fbg.

Pressure measurement with fiber Bragg grating sensorsThe fbg pressure sensor presents a key optical fiber sensor technology for the safe operation of different technical products, system, and technologies. These fbg pressure sensors are widely used in medicine as well as in different experimental, developmental, and diagnostic processes. Designing of an intelligent fbg pressure sensor has been a burgeoning trend. Special fbg pressure sensors exist for explosive environments, which present very strict requirements for pressure sensor capsules, electronic systems, and communication interfaces.

The fbg pressure sensor is mainly based on a Bourdon tube with two fbgs bonded on its outside and inside surfaces. The wavelength shift difference of the two fbg is utilized as a pressure sensing signal: the sensitivity is enhanced, and the temperature cross-sensitivity is compensated. The experimental results demonstrate that the fiber Bragg grating pressure sensor possesses a good linearity and repeatability with the measurement sensitivity of 1,414 pm/kPa, which is 465 times higher than a bare FBG. Compared to other pressure optical fiber sensor technology, the cost of the fiber Bragg grating sensors is still too high, even though it reduced significantly over the past decade. Such technology performs well, on a lost-per-measurement basis, only when several measurements are multiplexed on the same fiber.

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editorPressure measurement with fiber Bragg grating sensors

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