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The Growth and Development Prospects of Worldwide Fiber Optic Sensor Market

on April 26, 2018

Optical fiber sensors have seen increased acceptance and widespread use in the scientific world in the last few decades. Against the background of other sensor types, fiber Bragg grating sensors have become widely known and popular. Such FBG sensors are able to measure the various parameters of the substances studied in the research of scientists and engineers. These are such parameters as chemical and biological agent, temperature, strain, pressure and many others. In addition to this, the optical fiber sensor technology and fiber Bragg grating sensors, in general, have the increased flexibility of design to be used as a single point or multipoint arrays. Also, fiber optic systems and devices based on them have their own relative low cost that makes them available for use in the different fields and industries. However, it is necessary to actively engage with the problems of increasing the FBG sensors attractiveness for business.The Growth and Development Prospects of Worldwide Fiber Optic Sensor Market

Nowadays fiber optic sensors markets are in a relatively early development stage so it is difficult to access and forecast with accuracy. Furthermore, the market segments are fragmented due to the variety of sensing applications and industries where they are applied. The global market of the fiber Bragg grating products is primarily composed of three key segments:

  1. sensing devices (bare FBGs for sensing applications, packed FBG sensors, and FBG arrays)
  2. instrumentation (fiber Bragg grating interrogating instruments and related components: multiplexers, switches, data acquisition systems, software and graphical user interfaces)
  3. system integration and installation (implementation tools for the fiber optic solutions and fiber optic system installations like a design, planning, system integration, customer training, service, etc.)

According to the latest data, the worldwide demand for bare and packaged FBGs is more than 10, 000 pieces per year. And besides that, the worldwide demand for FBG arrays is estimated to be between 100s to 1, 000 arrays per year. The combined present global market size of this segment is between $15M to $35M USD a year with an annual growth rate of 15% to 25%. The total market size of all products in the FBGs product line is estimated to be in excess of $50M USD.The Growth and Development Prospects of Worldwide Fiber Optic Sensor Market

Future applications of FBG sensors will possibly develop over time depending on cost reduction and development of specialized and application-specific packaging. It is expected that more conventional and popular applications such as discrete strain and temperature sensing will continue to evolve and acquire greater market shares. Newer applications in chemical, biological and medical sensing will lead to the creation of a new generation of fiber optic product that will perform specific agent or parameter sensing functions.

In order for fiber optic products to penetrate into mainstream industrial processes,  appropriate transducers must be developed. FBGs must meet such criteria as ecological strength, appropriate sensitivity, and the correct dynamic range. Also, they need to be early replaceable without description the FBGs network and adhere to engineering standards, either existing now. One of the most important conditions for the development of the global market of the fiber optic products is a seamless integration with existing control system architectures.

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editorThe Growth and Development Prospects of Worldwide Fiber Optic Sensor Market

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