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Voltage measurements with fiber Bragg gratings

on November 8, 2017

Voltage measurement is essential for many fields such as power grids, telecommunications, metallurgy, railways, oil production, etc. Voltage measurements are related to fault detection and monitoring of the state of large equipment, which is essential for these fields. As the technologies used in these fields continue to develop, voltage monitoring becomes increasingly more important to the system of fault location.

Traditional voltage-sensing devices and methods are not ideal and possess multiple drawbacks, such as:

  1. Narrow bandwidth;
  2. Large weight;
  3. A possibility of a combustion under heavy working conditions;
  4. Contact sensing.

Due to the multiple drawbacks of these methods, a need for new voltage sensor has emerged. The new method of voltage measurement needs to have good amplitude-frequency characteristics and transmission characteristics in order to build smart sensing systems.

Currently, the biggest emphasis is put onto fiber optic technology. Researchers attach great importance to voltage monitoring with optical elements as they offer multiple advantages that are vital for voltage monitoring in various fields:

  1. FBG sensors are passive;
  2. They are immune to electromagnetic interference;
  3. FBG sensors are compact and lightweight;
  4. FBG sensors can be mounted on any surface;
  5. They possess a wide sensing range;
  6. FBG sensors are stable under high temperatures.

The use of FBG sensors for voltage measurements allows to obtain the data of switching overvoltage and lightning invasion overvoltage, analyze the overvoltage incidents, and overvoltage mechanisms.

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editorVoltage measurements with fiber Bragg gratings

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