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FBG Interrogators

Specifications Overview

Optromix offers different types of FBG Interrogators. Our experts can develop a fiber product design in accordance with all your needs and requirements.


This FBG interrogator is specifically designed to characterize the
spectral response of a large number of FBG optical devices

Sample rate, Hz17, 67
Wavelength range, nm1520 - 1570
(upgradable to 1520 - 1590)
Number of optical channels1, 4, 8
Sensors per channel, maxup to 25
Resolution, pm< 1
Long-term accuracy, pm±1, ±8
Communication interfacesUSB, Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485
Data logging, Gb1..32
Operating temperature, °C-30...+70
Dynamic range, dB25
Power supply, VDC9-36
Protection classIP50
Dimensions, mm285 * 205 * 65
Weight, kg2.0


This FBG interrogator is specifically designed to characterize the high-frequency spectral response from FBG optical devices

Sample rate, kHz19.2 by default; 1, 5, 10 as options
Wavelength range, nm1515 - 1585
Number of optical channels1, 8
Sensors per channel, max8
Resolution, pm< 1
Repeatability, pm< 5
Communication interfacesUSB 2.0
Operating temperature, °C0...+45
Power supply, VDC9-36
Dimensions, mm110 * 130 * 47
Weight, kg0.54

FBG Interrogators Description

FBG Interrogators are high-precision measuring instruments for signal obtaining and processing from FBG sensors under operating conditions. Optromix interrogators can control up to 8 optical channels. FBG interrogators can operate with maximum 20 sensors per channel. The device is controlled by the PC with the specialized software for sensors monitoring. The system contains a broadband source of radiation and it can carry out spectrum analysis.

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