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Fiber Optic Solutions for fusion power plants

According to the researchers from the American university, the faster specialists can detect thermal shifts the faster they can prevent disruptive quench in the HTS magnets for fusion devices in
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Fiber Optic Technology for the earthquake warning

A research team from the USA has applied FBG sensors for detecting earthquakes and creating a system for subsurface imaging with the help of fiber optic technology. The sensors were
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FBG sensors for healthcare applications

A collaboration of scientists from different countries (China, Pakistan, and Hong Kong) have developed new 3D printed FBG sensors that can help in creating the ‘smart beds’. Scientists have worked
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Fiber Optic Technology in humans movement tracking

A team of researchers from the US university applied fiber optic technology to demonstrate the changes in city traffic because of the lockdown. Scientists had tapped into an underground telecommunication
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Fiber Optic Technology as pipeline leak detection method

Special fiber optic technology can make fiber optic cable a sensing one. That solves many challenges including monitoring long units like pipelines, tunnels, or power cables. With the help of
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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) in the oil and gas industry

According to scientists, nowadays we can see newly developed distributed sensing systems that can have many appliances including monitoring of wells’ conditions in the oil and gas industry. Mostly, distributed
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