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Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) sensors’ applications

The sensing technology market has a rapid growth in the last few decades. Most of all, this is explained by the main advantages like small size, environmental and electrical immunity,
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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system for Arctic tests

The USA researchers started a number of experiments that aim to analyze the first data about seafloor under Arctic sea ice with the usage of a new method. The research
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FBG sensors as a part of a mercury detection system

Researchers from India have presented a new development. Thanks to it the scientists can find toxic mercury in drinking water. The whole system is based on FBG sensors. Fiber Bragg
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Distributed acoustic sensors (DAS) are applied underwater

Scientists are looking for new ways of employment for distributed acoustic sensors (DAS). The fiber optic system contains a mandrel with a wounded with sensitized optical fiber. It is the
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Micron Optics Accelerometer – a highly effective device

Scientists from the USA have created a laser light-powered micron optics accelerometer. It is a micron sensor that locates any speed changes. The advantage of it is the fact that
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Fiber Optic Solutions for smart cities

The topic of a smart city and how it should be implemented is one of the most discussed today. The problem is everyone understands something different by this term. However,
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