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FBG Strain Sensors

Specifications Overview

Optromix manufactures various fiber optic products. We can accommodate your special requirements and design a fiber product catered specifically for your needs.

FBG Strain Sensors

S1 Sensor

Sensor can be welded directly to the surfaces of metal structures (pipes, beams, other metal steel surfaces). Possesses protective silicone cover.

FBG Strain Sensors

S2 Sensor

Sensor can be attached by adhesive to the test surface (pipes, beams, metal supports, composite and plastic materials).

FBG Strain Sensors

S3 Sensor

Can be used in concrete construction. Attached to a metal armature sensor is able to feel even the slightest deformation of reinforced concrete structures.

FBG Strain Sensors

S4 Sensor

Sensor has an innovative design that provides the sensor operating at high temperatures and improves overall stability and scalability of the system.

Measurement range, με-3000 ... +3000-2500 ... +2500-560 ... +560-1500 ... +1500
Resolution, με1
Accuracy, %110.11
Operating temperature, °C-50 ... +80-20 ... +80-50 ... +80-20 ... +150
Wavelength range, nm1500 - 1600
Reflectivity, %>15>65
MaterialsStainless steelFiberglass armored polymerStainless steelStainless steel
ConnectorsFC/APC or without connectors
Dimensions, mm10 x 40 x 2.1130 x 20 x 6? 30 x 14010 x 40 x 2.1
Weight, g1.521601.5
Protection class--IP68-
FBG Strain Sensors

S5 Sensor

Sensor can be glued to the test surface (pipes, beams, metal supports, composites and surfaces).

FBG Strain Sensors

S6 Sensor

Sensor is welded directly to the surfaces of metal structures. Allows to perform strain measurement on three axes simultaneously.

FBG Strain Sensors

S7 Sensor

Sensor can be bolted to concrete or welded to the metal structures. It allows the monitoring of anchor bolts deformations.

FBG Strain Sensors

S8 Sensor

Sensor can be mounted directly on the stone rock using anchors. The sensor can be immersed in water, placed in an open space.

Measurement range, ??-2500 ... +2500-3000 ... +3000-5000 ... +5000-5000 ... +5000
Resolution, ??1121
Accuracy, %110.11
Wavelength range, nm1500 - 1600
Reflectivity, %>65
MaterialsPolyimideStainless steel
ConnectorsFC/APC or without connectors
Dimensions, mm40 x 12 x 0.256 x 51 x 3? 12 x 176? 16 x 1,000
Weight, g14600250
Protection classIP68-IP68-

FBG Strain Sensors Applications

Fiber optic strain gauge is welded directly into the surface of the metal structure (pipes, beams, etc.), and it has a protective silicone cover.Fiber optic strain sensors are durable and stable, widely used for civil engineering constructions, particularly they reinforce concrete structures exceptionally well.

Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensors demonstrate lots of advantages compared to the regular electrical strain gauges. Namely, they are immune to electromagnetic interference and power shortages. Compact size devices provide the most accurate measurements. FBGs are, literally, the best strain sensors right now.

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