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FBG Temperature Sensors

Specifications Overview

Optromix manufactures a number of fiber products that include FBG Temperature Sensors. Our company can offer a fiber product in compliance with your requirements and needs.
Measurement range,°C-50…+80-50…+80+20…+150-40…+120-10…+80-40…+250
Resolution, °C0.1
Accuracy, %0.1111
MaterialsAluminiumStainless steelPolyimide PTFE (Teflon)Stainless steel
Dimensions, mm26 x 5 x 2ø 10 x 100ø 3 x 500ø 8 x 6340 x 4 x 4Ø 14 x 100

T2 Sensor​​

Sensor is used either for temperature monitoring or for thermal compensation of strain sensors. It can be glued to any monitoring steel surface.

FBG Temperature Sensor T3

T3 Sensor​​

Small steel case protects sensing element. Sensor can be embedded into сomposite materials and located into concrete. Type of mounting – anchors.

FBG Temperature Sensor T4

T4 Sensor

High-temperature sensor has a protective ceramic case. Absence of metallic elements allows to use the sensor under strong electric and magnetic fields.

FBG Temperature Sensor T5

T5 Sensor

This sensor can be used for power stations, railroads and oil&gas applications

FBG Temperature Sensor T6

T6 Sensor

Ceramic packaging. This sensor can be used for power stations, railroads and oil&gas applications.

FBG Temperature Sensor T7

T7 Sensor

T7 is packaged in a stainless steel tube. It is suitable for long time monitoring in a high-temperature environment.

FBG Temperature Sensors Applications​

Optic fiber Bragg Grating sensor for temperature measurement provide many advantages over conventional electrical systems, particularly in applications that are exposed to harsh environments and require long-range, long-term deployments.

Bragg grating sensor is a perfect option for a variety of applications. These sensors are insensitive to the environmental changes and passive, which is a big upgrade compared to the regular electrical ones. They have higher accuracy and resolution, and they are immune to electric sparks. Long reliability period, ability to resist corrosion and other harsh environments are packed in a very compact size device.

One of the biggest advantages of FBG temperature sensor is the fact that its fiber optic temperature measurements are absolute, and it has the fastest response compared to other options. The highest return speed is perfect in the cases where temperature changes are fast and extreme.

Fiber optic temperature sensors are a perfect solution for difficult-to-reach locations and massive sensing networks. You can also use FBG temperature sensors for thermal compensation of any other FBG sensors

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