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FBG Displacement Sensors

Specifications Overview

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FBG Displacement Sensors

D1 Sensor

Sensor can be fixed on the surface and measure the distance between two anchor points. Sensor can be used in combination with special enclosures for determination displacement in soils.

Measurement range,mm0 … 80
Resolution, %0.3
Accuracy, %0.2
Wavelength range, nm1500 - 1600
Operating temperature, °C-50 ... +80
MaterialsStainless steel
Reflectivity, %>65
Dimensions, mmø 18 х 337
Weight, g430
Protection classIP68

FBG Displacement Sensors Applications

Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors are often used as sensing elements for displacement measurements, because they are resistant to electromagnetic interference, corrosion, on top of that, they are compact and they have high sensitivity.

FBG displacement sensors, unlike strain and temperature, can’t measure quantity using only fiber optic sensors; it utilizes FBG response to its equivalent Bragg wavelength. Displacement sensor measures structural deformation estimation using the strain data. Sensor is installed on the structure surface and measures the distance between two anchor points. It can be used in a combination with additional components to determine soil displacement. It can be used to monitor extension and compression displacement. Fiber optic displacement sensors are widely used to measure the gaps in bridges, buildings, roads, dams and other constructions. Fiber Bragg displacement sensors are more durable and provide long-term safety compared to traditional sensors.

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